Sunday night, the SF International screened the world premiere of the film Fog City Mavericks at the Castro Theater. There were shades of Sundance as many of the films featured filmmakers and actors, including George Lucas and Robin Williams, casually red carpeted-their way to the theater, complete with flashbulbs and film cameras documenting the night.

Mavericks, a new documentary by Gary Leva devoted to highlighting the achievements of the SF film community, is the centerpiece to the festival's "Cinema by the Bay" program and focused primarily on American Zoetrope, Francis Ford Coppola's artist-run independent film company, and included interviews with Coppola, George Lucas, Walter Murch, Robin Williams, Philip Kaufman, Saul Zaents, Pixar's John Lasseter and Brad Bird, Chris Columbus, and Sofia Coppola, among others.

There was nothing but love for SF filmmakers as the doc screened to the perfect audience and even speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was present to pat the SF film community on the back. Lucas, Zaentz, Lasseter, Columbus, and Leva stayed for a sweet, if typical, Q & A with the audience.

Two glaring omissions in the local filmmaker love-fest, though, were any notable female filmmaker besides Sofia, and minority filmmakers like Wayne Wang who barely received a footnote. Get 'em next time, guys!

Everyone say hi to our newest correspondent, SFist Grace. Hi, SFist Grace!