So there you are in the morning. You woke up, you got out of bed and dragged a comb across your head. Then you found your way downstairs and drank a cup but when you noticed you were late, you found your coat and grabbed your hat and before you went to make the J Chuch in seconds flat, you went to NextBus to see just how long you'd have to wait only to see-- holy frickin' cow!-- the next bus will be coming in 47 minutes.

Yes, while everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that all the iner-city public transportation systems is handling all the transit chaos with aplomb, the intracity public transportation system is doing what it does best-- sucking. It's almost as if Muni felt ignored during these past few days and decided to screw up just so everyone could start paying attention to it again.

We have no idea what caused the trouble (we haven't seen any news on it yet) but we do have to give Muni credit for actually being honest about the f---up. It's much nicer that they do something like this as opposed to how they have often handled it, by either saying it'll be a wait of "Five Minutes" for at least half-an-hour, or completely taking bus information down so that nobody knows nothing.

Feel like ranting? Know what happened? Still pissed about the Warriors game? Well, rant away in the comment section. After the jump, yet another glorious captured moment from this morning's commute.