Yesterday, a hearing was held about this very issue in front of the Board of Supes budget committee. The problem is that the courses are in the hole for about $1.4 million and are expected to more than double in the next few years. The main reasons for this is the number of people playing has gone done, expenses have gone up, and all the money that was in the bank for a rainy day was used to renovate Harding Park a few years ago.

At the hearing, several proposals were given, from people in Parks & Rec, to Jake McG, to residents who attended. Proposals included:

1) Privitazing the courses
2) Begging the PGA for some spare change
3) Closing some of the courses (Sharp Park and Lincoln Park) up
4) We don't need no golf courses let motherf------s burn.

Rec and Park is expected to give their recommendations to the committee on May 9th.

As for us? We quote George Carlin (ahem): "Only in America could you have a game like this. You hit a ball with a crooked stick. And walk after it! Then you hit it AGAIN! I say "pick it up asshole you're lucky you found the f-------' thing!"