The bill calls for the DMV to set up a special toll-free number and/or e-mail address for people to report carpool crooks. And hey, that way people who see them will have to either:

1)Pick up their cell phone and call the number
2)Pick up their blackberry/what-have-you and send an e-mail.

Good thinking on that. Especially in that it's possible carpool lanes already cause more traffic accidents.

If someone is reported to have used the carpool lane illegally, they will receive a brochure in the mail telling them that what they did was a no-no. The brochure is said to have some clip art of a disapproving mother on it to make the driver feel guilty. It will also warn the driver that if they were caught again, they'd face a fine of $381 bucks. Maldonado admits he doesn't think it'll stop most people, but that by making it so everyone has to be fearful that somebody is going to rat them out, it might actually stop people from doing it. A similar program has been implemented in Washington State and it's said that it decreased the amount of lawbreakers by 5%.

Actually, if you don't think this is that big of a deal, consider the fact that people are going around stealing carpool lane stickers. Somebody out there wants do pretend they are carpooling.