In his speech, Gavin added that he understands why people would feel the need to leave the city as his mother did the same when Gavin was just a wee little lad. Have fun in the comments section with that one.

N’tanya Lee (we love that name), executive director of Coleman Advocates, said that she's not convinced that things are getting better but that "the mayor's right to talk about the signs of hope." She also added that hope's not going to build affordable housing.

One thing we find intriguing is Gavin mentioned that Muni has been looking into the issue and that one of the ways to keep kids in the city is by rerouting bus routes to make it easier for kids to go back and forth to school and by enforcing rules about giving up seats on Muni to parents with kids. We have no idea if this is in an issue, but if it keeps parents from parking their strollers right up front of Muni buses or right by the doors of BART, we're all for it.

To help parents get information on what's going on about all this, Gavin also touted a new web site he's set up,

Photo from and no, if you look closely, Gavin is not rocking a mullet