Our most sincere thank-yous to Socialite Rank for posting this photo of Victoria Traina. The first word that comes to mind is something our good friend passed along to us, from the New York Times Style magazine:

trashic / (trash ik) / adj. / a two-snaps contraction of "tragic" and "trash," e.g., "Call me old-fashioned, but it's beyond trashic when women put elastic over their stilettos to keep them from falling off," or, "You can't take a bad picture of her, but in person she looks so trashic." Takes one to know one.

We love Victoria, and we love ruffles, but everything in moderation, y'all! Trimmings are not meant to be used willy-nilly, and mos def should NOT constitute an entire dress. (Cameron Diaz, are you listening?)

On a positive note, we love Vicky's new bangs. Looks like they've grown out since the De Young gala. Or maybe they're clip-ons?

Photo from Socialite Rank