(Handy tip: text "follow deepasaurus" to 40404 to get Twitter updates from the organizer -- it'll be canceled if the rain gets to be too much.)

But! There's more! If you've got a knack for feeling proud when you should be embarrassed (and you live in San Francisco, so you probably do), you can participate in "Dance Anywhere," loathsomely described as "a conceptual performance." The idea is that people all over the world (really just mostly in the bay area) stop what they're doing at noon today, and dance for a few minutes -- long enough for your smug demonstration to be noticed, but not long enough for men in white coats with a giant butterfly net to rightfully apprehend you. "Dance Anywhere is about shifting assumptions and heightened awareness," we're told, which is just about the most awful thing we've ever heard.

Either way, wear comfy shoes.