Since this hearing sounded like a whole heap of San Francisco fun, we searched around for any sort of description of it. SF Party Party, who have been one of the leading voices for Healthy Saturday, attended but we're so disgusted by the whole thing, decided not to show the photos of it. And according to Beyond Chron, the FODs tried to picture supporters of the initiative as elitists out to stick it to the proletariat. One of the things they brought up is that people who cannot afford to park in the garage could park for free in the street. Beyond Chron, however, said in response that it's not fair to force working class people to drive to the park with gas prices so high and we think it's great Beyond Chron is looking out for the interests of the working class like that.

If Gavin can't reach a compromise, the measure will probably be up for a vote again, but this time with an 8-4 margin, meaning the Board could overturn any possible Gavin veto.