And we quote:

"… Quite simply, this appears to be a generation that has little interest in working nights, weekends, or for that matter a 40-hour work week. It cuts into their leisure time and as one expert in law enforcement stated, “We have moved from a generation that lived to work to a generation that works to live”. These younger people are not particularly fond of confrontation, physical altercation, or verbal interaction. The general belief is that we have raised a generation of “Day Traders” who would rather spend their time “sipping ice tea’ then slugging it out with a parolee that doesn’t want to go back to prison."

In other words, we're losers, baby, so why don't you shoot us. First question: do we Gen X'ers really like to do nothing but drink ice tea? And why didn't he mention lazy, depressed, and prone to all things "extreme?" (and hey, here's a way to recruit more cops, just say it's "extreme law enforcement" and show guys running around as cops screaming at everyone). Actually, those complaints sound so early 90's and as a card-carrying member of Gen X, we have to say that's no longer true. Why, we developed the Internet and gave the world dot.coms! We made video games mainstream and irony an art form! And lately, we have discovered that babies can be the latest in cool accessories. Who said we wouldn't make good cops? Hell, and if he thinks we're bad, wait till he gets a load of Gen Y or the Millennium kids-- arresting people is really hard to do while texting someone at the same time.

But mainly, here's the thing-- if you're going to try and recruit people, why insult an entire generation of people? We're not quite as young as we used to be, but we're still younger than say Boomers or Post-Boomers. Maybe that's why people think Delanges is a bit douchey.

Oh, he also said to many people lately are joining the military instead. Umm.... has he paid attention to what's going on out there?