We are SO THRILLED thatGavin wants to rescind parking passes and also to have all city vehicles impounded and converted into community gardens. Not only does that mean fewer cars on the road, but it can only mean that Gavin himself is shyly edging towards getting on a bus someday! Gav, we cannot WAIT for the day that we board the 38 and glimpse you wedged between Fillmore hipsters and little old ladies with pink plastic bags. "Back door!" you'd holler in your stentorian voice, and "step down!" we'd all gleefully reply.

But wait. Riding Muni isn't for the faint of heart. It's not something you should attempt unprepared. So that's why we, Gavin, your second or third biggest fans (after Beth Spots and Han Sup Shin) have compiled an AWESOME TWO-PART GUIDESTRAVAGANZA -- a newcomer's guide to Muni. Don't leave home without it. It's mostly a recap of some of our prior articles, but also a few new pointers.

Today, part one: How to try to catch a bus. Tomorrow, part two: what to do when you realize that it's impossible.