Hey, there's lots of stuff going on this weekend! And in exchange for telling you about it, we're going to ask again for a favor in return -- if you go to any of these events, would you mind terribly sending us your pictures of them, and we'll show them off on the site for you? Tag 'em SFist on Flickr, or mail them to editor-at-sfist.com!

--And the night before? Look which devoted spouse of a Presidential campaigner is coming back to town! That's right, the Big Dog Bill Clinton's the VIP guest at a reception for the Bill Clinton Millennial Network. Sweet McDonald's-scarfing Bill -- one of the focuses of the group is combating childhood obesity (and poverty, global warming, and HIV too). Tickets are $100 (yikes!), but if you go (or if you just see Bill hanging around town), we'd love to see your pictures of that too.

We're going to bring our camera with us everywhere this weekend too, but if you guys are looking too, we're sure to be covered. Again -- send 'em in, or tag them SFist on Flickr. Thanks, you guys -- you're always the best.