Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic is a culinary school graduate that writes about food and television. What's not to love? She's best known for her scathing, funny, and exhaustive coverage of several shows over at Television Without Pity, where she uses the nom du plum of Keckler--we'll be the first to admit (as we have before): her coverage of Top Chef is second to none. She's also a regular at CHOW, the Web editor for (where we first met her), and has her very own food-centric bloggie, The Grub Report.

Check out our discussion for details on an a cup of salsa's epic journey, a bit on being a cheese archivist, the resurrection of our favorite word from Top Chef Season Two ("craveable"), and some insight into the challenges in writing loads and loads about television at the very popular TWOP:

Okay, Stephanie -- I don't know if it's just coincidence that I keep running into you and your works all over the place, or if you truly are ubiquitous. I'd guess that you're most well-known for your pseudonymous TV commentary at TWOP -- but help me out here: Where else can folks see your past writing?

About four years ago, I started off with my own food site, The Grub Report, to keep track of my culinary school exploits, so you can read the archives there for some really old food writing. I also have written a few things for, like "Who is the Next Martha Stewart?" and wrote pieces for the Boston Globe back when I lived in Boston. I was featured in the books The Best Food Writing 2005 and Digital Dish, and most recently I authored CocktailSmarts with SmartsCo, which was a ton of fun. And a ton of thirsty research.

For some really old recaps -- going back to the very beginnings of Television Without Pity, actually, when it was known as Mighty Big TV -- you can check out my bitchy take of the horrific Jennifer Love Hewitt Party of Five spinoff, Time of Your Life, and my Star Trek stuff.

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