Long-time readers of SFist will know that we love (love!) all things Air Guitar, both for its obvious silliness and its devotion to the rawk. So when we heard that Air Guitar Nation was playing at the San Francisco Independent Asian Film Festival, we knew we were destined to see it. How was it? Well, we’ll describe it using the one word we heard other people describe it-- awesome.

It's true. We hung out afterwards in the lobby of the theater and watched as people walked out. Everyone was smiling and we heard many a-people drop the "a" word about the movie. During the movie, people laughed, cheered, and rocked out in their way-- it was that fun.

So now the big question: what is a movie about air guitar-ness doing at the Asian American Film Festival? Good question. Turns out that the very first American contestant in the International Air Guitar Competition was a nice Korean boy by the name of David "C Diddy" Jung. C Diddy's outfit was a kimono, silk pants, a headscarf, and a Hello Kitty breastplate. He also constantly referred to his act as "Asian Fury." Need we say more?