(Actually, as a commenter points out, the next best thing would be a smart automated solution. Any engineery readers want to tackle such a project? That would be totally awesome.) If you'd like to build a textmark of your own, get your predictions from the always-handy Rescue Muni or from our hero, Skot9000. And if you create a new code, let us know by leaving it in the comments.

But you know what would be even cooler? If Muni used TextMarks to send out service-disruption alerts. For example, if riders could sign up to get alerts about disruptions on the M; and then when the line is unexpectedly shut down (like it was on Friday), you get a text message letting you know that you should find a different route home, instead of having a dismayed crowd of commuters show up at their regular M stop. Muni already sends out alerts like that via RSS, but riders can't confine those alerts to individual lines like TextMarks would let them do. And it's a lot easier to get custom-tailored text alerts than it is to check a citywide RSS feed every single day.

Just a thought, Muni. How about it?

Now, on with the codes! Send the text below to 41411 to get your predictions.