But that's the easy part. What needs to happen after that is clean it up with one giant anti-toxic Swiffer and find the money to pay for all of this. Gavin says he's working on getting the funding over the next few weeks.

Which is all fine and great, but the 49ers seem to be moving right along with their plans to build in Santa Clara. In fact, in a couple of weeks, the Niners are going to send down their proposal for the new stadium to Santa Clara, even going to the trouble of using focus groups to determine what they can and can't do in building out their proposal. It's kind of like the Niners broke up with San Francisco, giving them a whole list of problems in their relationship, like not being romantic enough or dressing too much like a bum, then started going out with somebody else. So now, months later, San Francisco is sending them flowers, trying to buy them a nice dinner, getting a hair cut and nice clothes, all in order to win them back. Except the Niners are now perfectly happy with their romantic, well-groomed new SO. In other words, Gavin, the Niners just aren't that into you these days. Or, more like too little too late.