The SF Asian-American Film Festival hosts not only ten days of the latest and greatest in Asian and Asian-American film, but two nights of current highlights from the Asian-American music scene too: one of hip-hop and electronica, and one of indie rock.

Every year these concerts sell out, so get ready, get set, and get those tickets!

Hip-hop/Dance: Friday, March 16, at the Independent, 5th Platoon's Neil Armstrong and Vin Roc, and SF MC Estiary, along with DJs Mochipet vs. Mike Boo vs. Mike Reed, and DJ Zita. Visuals by Daniel Hai. $9, 21+ (sorry, kids), tickets $15.

Indie rock: At the Rickshaw Stop on Wed. March 21, the full range of the Asian and Asian-American indie rock spectrum, from dreamy local faves Scrabbel to the all girl jangle-pop Oakland trio Dreamdate, a DJ to boot, and the latest craze, the Tokyo scenesters Kiiiiiiiii (we may not have the correct number of i's in there; we're too lazy to check). Kiiiii is described as "like the Olsen Twins, but Japanese and on acid," which we must admit we find to be an intriguing description. Tickets are $10, doors at 9 p.m (and also 21+).