Here's the full quote from the article:

"I shouldn't say this, but there are two sides to every story,'' she said in an exhausted tone. "If people did research into the scandal ... the woman is the culprit. Alex Tourk is a nice man and it saddens me that his wife did that to him.

Oh, poor victimized Gavin, helplessly seduced by a woman suffering from a potentially-deadly substance abuse problem and whose paychecks he signed! And sweet, sweet (and exhausted-toned) Jennifer, so exhaustedly willing to forgive her publicity magnet because, you know, and other women: they're the competition.

Wow, we sure do love it when women stand up for each other. Hope Jennifer's never going to need the support of a girlfriend if things go south for her and Gavin.

Picture of Robin Morgan's Sisterhood is Powerful, which is out of print, so the only picture we could find was from a sale on eBay.

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