You may recall that the Guardian ran the picture in this week's issue of their alternative-weekly paper, saying they'd gotten it from a good source who said the picture was from Shin himself, but leaving open the question of whether it had been Photoshopped. One of our readers then wrote us with an analysis of why he/she thought it was a cut-and-paste job, citing in particular the odd lighting on Newsom's face as the key piece of evidence. A lively debate then followed.

Well, the Guardian is now saying they've spoken with a person who claims to be the person who took the picture for Han Shin. The Guardian says that the person "has a history in local politics and no reason to make it up." According to that source, they were all chilling at the Bevan Dufty campaign kickoff party, and Shin presented the kimono hanbok to Dufty. Dufty tried it on, and then Shin put it on Newsom and asked someone to take a picture of the two of them together. The person who called the Guardian claims to be the someone who took the picture.

The source claims there were a lot of light sources at the party and also says the camera was not high-quality, which may explain the weird lighting in the picture. Photoshop experts, your response?