Currently, four projects have patrols set up. Those are ones in Sunnydale (in Visitacion Valley, not the Hell Mouth), Potrero, Hunters Point and Alice Griffith. Since putting in the foot patrols, crime is down 14% which isn't that great but better than nothing. The four that will get the new patrols are Alemany, Plaza East and Hayes Valley North and South.

The main role of the new patrols will be to pay attention to all of the loiterers found within the projects. Apparently, most of the trouble that arises comes from people who don't live there. According to the plan, the police will get to know everyone in the projects and start to get a handle on who lives there and who doesn't. Those who don't might have something happen to them. And yes, questions have been raised as to what would cause the cops to come down on people who don't live in the projects.

Other questions have been raised as to where they will get all the cops for this. Right now, the SFPD is under staffed as it is and this new anti-crime plan will mean more police taken off of what they were doing and placed into the projects.

Fog City Journal also notes that at the press conference, it appears that Mayor McHottie and Supervisor McDreamy have apparently made nice with each other with McDreamy praising everyone for their efforts.