The Green Dragon first: A reader passes along the tip that the publishers of Kenneth Eng's sci-fi masterpiece (about dragons armed with machine guns) have pulled his books off the shelves (scroll down) and will delete the book from their website and from Amazon as well. (We just checked on Amazon and the page is totally gone! We should've cached it, along with its awesome accompanying blog.) The mortified publishers also released a statement that:


We are absolutely stunned by the writing of Ken Eng. We apologize again. At the time of his book acceptance there was no indication that things like this would come up to the surface.

The publishing house did say, however, that no more than 300 books would need to be pulled.

And Purple Glove? Not as much to report, except that he's been given a court date over his attempts to run over the roommate of a possible ex in San Ramon. He's also announced that he only wears Versace suits, and says only the police and psychiatrists think he has a mental problem. No one else?

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