The folks at NBC 11 gave Gavin Newsom a camera, and asked him to take photos of his life for their "Moving Pictures" series. During the promos, we started cracking up because there were all these clips of Gavin in full "woe is me" mode, talking about "compartmentalizing your personal life" and whatnot, set to really serious music. We expected the actual interview to include much of the same.

Instead, Gavin looked downright excited to be showing off his amateur photography skills. He even took pictures of the press! He was thrilled at the chance to be "Confronting all of you." Who are you talking to, Gav? (Is this about the time we took a picture of you with our camera phone? We totally deleted that.) He also said he got to ask the reporters questions for a change. Who did you interview, Gavin? Luke Thomas? That would be hot. Personally, we'd ask Luke if he'd like to contribute to Caption Action.

We also see the view from Gavin's apartment building, which he says is his first view ever. (Now we know why Han Shin was so anxious to get up there.) There are also a couple candids of Kamala Harris, which she probably won't be too happy about. Also: a fascinating shot of his desk clutter, some people we don't recognize, and Peter Ragone pointing to something that looks like the 49ers stadium plans. What it do, Byorn? We miss you!

The collection does not include any pictures of Gavin himself, though there's a picture of a bunch of pictures of him. Despite the constant media attention, and latest scandals, he said his his daily struggle, "Pales in comparison to what real people go through." For real.

Sobriety seems like it's agreeing with Big G. He's even talking clearer; we didn't hear any "Imo get to that!" anywhere. We hope he keeps it up!

You can see all Gavin's photos on NBC 11's website under "Moving Pictures."

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