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A: It certainly would make sense to us if tourist locations have higher bug rates, Jordan.

Think of it; all those travelin' people spend extended time periods in various travelin' metal cans (plane/shuttle/train/bus/car) to reach their location... close proximity, recycled air... it's a foregone conclusion that a bug would be easily spread through our tourist districts like a rumor spreads through friends. Just be sure to wash your hands after visiting Fisherman's Wharf. For a couple of reasons.

Q: hi SFist
you have convinced me that you know all, so i bring you my question:

"I once saw an Onion headline, something like 'Rest of U2 is perfectly fine with world hunger'. Somehow, I have always thought that there might be some truth to the headline, perhaps the Onion reporter had some inside scoop or something. How do the rest of U2 feel about world hunger'"

thanks for your help ~~~ Ted

A: That's a good question, Ted. Fact is, no one cares what the other three guys think about world issues. Everyone pays attention to Bono 'cause he's Mister Ego-Face-In-The-Spotlight. What are The Edge's views on globalization? No one really cares.

Of course, none of this matters should you attend a U2 show. Like Fugazi or KISS, experiencing U2's live show may save your life. Too bad U2 isn't doing concerts in any of the places Bono is trying to save...

I'm horribly sick right now. I was wondering if popular tourist destinations like San Francisco have higher rates of colds, flus, etc.? It seems like we all get the same bad bug at the same time. ~~~ Jordan \ the Haight