Also: why did the Chronicle's editorial page call him "Richard" Eng in the hard copy of the paper (corrected online)? At least Bad Reporter got Eng's name right.

Okay, okay, we know we just put up a post about the Asianweek situation, but the more we google this Kenneth Eng guy, the !!!!!

Okay, so we know he hates African-Americans (.pdf) and that he's obsessed with dragons. But there's more!

In light of our reader's tip from yesterday that Kenneth Eng refers to stuffed animals as "plushies," SFist MattyMatt and your correspondent have been avidly scouring through Google to find out if Kenneth Eng takes his plushie love all the way. SFist MattyMatt scored big when he found this PR news release (a must read for many reasons), where Eng is described as "an ardent furry fanatic [who] specializes in creating anthropomorphic literature and art." NO!!! Readers, can you help us on this quest to find Eng plushie proof? Get Googling, googlers! SFist MattyMatt suggests starting your search at or

Another reader sent along a link to Eng's Amazon blog, entitled "Kenneth Eng, God." If you want to see Eng's thoughts on organized religion, that's the place to go. Also, here's an article where he outlines yet another fight he got into about race at NYU (and where he says Hitler was "not a coward"). Warning: this is possibly the worst background pattern to pick for your website, ever.

And -- like a certain former press secretary we know -- Eng seems to have originally made his fame when he got busted (see Patrick M's post) spamming various sci-fi boards under fake names promoting that lame-looking dragon book he wrote. He also paid for a promotional ad for the book on Animal Planet. Some of these customer reviews of his book on Amazon look a little funny too, if you ask us. John Nelson, your thoughts?

After the jump -- MattyMatt's Google results! Send us yours and we'll include them too.

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