The Examiner has a story this morning saying Gavin's re-election campaign is up and running and has already raised a million dollars. The fund raising was suspended for a few weeks after the soap opera began but has now started up again in earnest. The story also has a bunch of quotes from Gavin's people about how they're having no problems raising bucks and that only a few possible contributors have shied away from giving money.

But wait just a gosh-darn minute, says Fog City Journal. According to the first two stories in a five part series, Gavin's fund raising is actually behind where it was when he first ran for Mayor and isn't all that great this year. Now, some of the story is just speculation, guesses that a lot of donors, especially those outside SF, won't be so eager to hop into the fray this time around. Among reasons given is the bad press he's getting outside of the city and his perceived status as probably DOA on any chances of higher office.

But of interest is all the effect the new campaign laws will have on Gavin's campaign, mainly that he won't be able to throw as much money into the campaign as he did when he ran the first time. Among rules his campaign has to deal with is caps on contributions, no donations from corporations, and less time to raise money. According to the story, Gavin will only raise somewhere around $4 million this go-around, about two million less than he raised in 2003.

Still, $4 million is nothing to sneeze at.