Not only a blue tie alert, but it sounds like maybe the SFWall got Gavin and Joanna Newsom mixed up in their reports earlier this week that our mayor was in Japan -- SFist Jim confirms a sighting of Gavin Newsom in San Francisco today at a swearing-in ceremony. FYI: Joanna Newsom arrives in Nagoya, Japan today (it says Friday the 16th, but they have the international date line in their favor).

And hey, congratulations to our friend and newest civil service commissioner Yu-Yee Wu, over there on the far left of the picture! We don't know any of the other people in the picture, but if they're also being sworn in, congratulations to them as well.

Update, 2/16: No, we're wrong -- Gavin Newsom in fact going to Japan (leaving Friday, getting back Tuesday).

Picture by rock star SFist Jim!