...But we couldn't resist posting this excellent YouTube of Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around (Comes Around)" set to the movie "Closer." When TourkGate 2007 broke out, we were at home listening to our Justin Timberlake CD. We waited with bated breath until the video co-starring Scarlett Johansson premiered, but we were underwhelmed with the result - too much talking, we didn't get the whole concept with the dancers, and JT's acting kind of sucks. (Plus, we like Natalie Portman in this movie because she totally stole our old haircut.)

We also couldn't help but make the obvious Gavin parallel with the rumored subject of this song, Britney Spears. During SFist's radio appearance with Irene McGee, Irene said "Gavin Newsom is like the Britney Spears of San Francisco" and we couldn't agree more. As with Brit Brit, we wake up every morning wondering what Gavin screwed up today, how his people will spin it in the press, and what impact it will have on his comeback to the good Catholic boy we fell in love with on that wonderful day back in 2003. We don't know if that comeback is possible, but there are lots of important people who've invested in Gavin's re-election campaign and he can't back out now.

By SFist Elaine