While SFist Nico went to the Barleycorn and gave it a vigurous nod of approval, we have to say we've never been there. We wish we had as it sounds like one of those bars that makes you want to go hang out in and never leave. From descriptions of it, it sounds like a divey, neighborhood bar made up to look like an old fashion Inn and hosting many icons of a yesteryear San Francisco. How could it not be anything but a fabulous place? SFist would also like to say that we've lived here long enough to see many a bar come and go (R.I.P. Dr. Bombay's-- we still miss you) and think nothing is sadder than a cozy watering hole going away.

If anything, it's worth trying to save if only to keep one more dive bar in a city increasingly awash in high end cocktail bars frequented by twenty something yupsters drinking mojitos to give them a false sense of decadent sophistication.