Viva--a campy stylized soft porn movie played at the Roxie Theatre for the San Francisco Independent Film Festival last week and our plus-one was running late. The theatre seemed freakishly well-lit and we craned our neck around and made a big production of looking for our lost friend (as if we were being observed by the upstanding citizens of San Francisco who were all wondering who the big perv was, sitting alone in the trench coat at a porn movie on a Friday night).

Much to our relief there were a few other people who seemed to be there alone. In general, it was a pretty regular looking crowd; dirty hipsters, a few gray beards, some motherly looking types, art nerds--a typical cross-section of San Franciscans who could disguise their true desire to see boobies, boobies, boobies under the respectable auspices of a film festival.

SFist Mihi, contributing.

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