The first one occured about 10:15 on Sunday morning (again with the morning shootings) when the victim, Anthony Hunter Jr., was just cleaning out his van when two men approached on foot and fired away. Hunter got about half a block before dropping and the suspects ran the other way. According to Ross Mirkarimi, there was about twenty-five shell casings at the scene of the crime. This all happened around Eddy Street at Yerba Buena Plaza East. Hunter did not survive.

Two hours later, at Ammel Park townhomes on Grove Street, about five blocks away from the other shooting, a Honda Civic with three people inside pulled alongside a thirteen year old girl and her friends and after a brief discussion, a man stepped out of the car and fired away, injuring the girl. Police think the shootings might be related. Both shootings occurred near two other shootings that have taken place this year.

This morning, a man was shot on at Haight and Fillmore, which is kind of scary in that SFist has spent a lot of time at that corner, at about 2 in the morning. Fifteen minutes later, another man was shot in a car at Grove and Baker streets. He was still able to drive off to Haight and Fillmore, where cops were still investigating the previous shooting (!), and crashed into a bus shelter. He was later transported to the hospital where he died of injuries.

There was also a shooting in Fremont, injuring five and killing two.

After the jump, we have an e-mail from a SFist reader who was an eyewitness to the shooting of the thirteen year old girl.

Image from ABC 7 news web site.