Where do we begin? Victoria's plunging neckline that doesn't really plunge into anything? Vanessa's weird headband she ripped off Ashley Olsen and/or Prince at the Superbowl? Victoria's Dick Cheney-esque smirk? Vanessa's creepy eyes? Victoria is always adorable, but that oversized knit cap looks ridic. And as much as we love basic black, their dresses are looking a little too basic here. (Maybe diamonds are over, and nobody told us? We hate being the last to know these things!)

According to the all-knowing Socialiterank.com, about the only controversial thing Victoria did at Fashion Week was smoke lots of cigarettes .

Um, lighten up New York. We don't want to live in a world where young socialites can't smoke cigs in peace.

By SFist Elaine

Photo from Style.com