Hey, does anyone know what the mayor of San Francisco's up to?

--M&R report that Gavin has been attending rehab sessions every day this last week -- some as individual sessions with the head of Delancey Street, and some as group sessions, and his community service will take the form of activities he was already doing as mayor. He's dealing with "interpersonal issues, friendship issues, and issues that have been locked up for some time and have had him sabotaging himself." However, political science experts think the whole apology-rehab thing is a bad move: "It's a joke."

--Meanwhile, Gavin opened his reelection campaign office today, to a packed house and upbeat mood. No replacement for Alex Tourk has been named, and Newsom's father said that Gavin's sister has been trying to talk to him about his drinking for some time.

--As requested, here's the clip of Stephen Colbert mocking Gavin Newsom for destroying straight marriages from last Wednesday. You have to watch the ad first, though, sorry.

--While the South Bay donors are by and large okay with Gavin, one VC who knows Alex Tourk has issued a statement that he will not be donating any more money to the Newsom campaign.

--Rumor has it that the Tourks are moving out of the Bay Area.

--There's a webpage just of jokes that Jay Leno's made about Gavin Newsom.

--And William Safire's On Language column today is called "Culpa for Mayor," but it's just about grammatical errors he's made involving the subjunctive tense, and not about mayors taking responsibility for things. Would that it ....!