Valentine's Day is only a few days away, and we here across the Gothamist network wanted to express would like to tell you, in the spirit of the holiday, just how much we love you, our readers. Don't let it get to your heads, though. There are plenty of things we love, you included. Just be glad you're not amongst the things we hate.

In New York, Gothamist isn't sure whether to love or hate a sorta-stroller-ban at a local Barnes & Noble. They do, however, hate the idea of a law that would fine people for crossing the street while listening to their iPod or talking on their phones (people ♥ gadgets!). Who doesn't love ideas for hangover coffee suggestions? They are especially needed after seeing pictures of Rudy Giuliani and his wife mack - it's nice they love each other, but Gothamist doens't think anyone needs to witness it. And Gothamist loves that Orthodox Jews need to incorporate Hebrew graffiti into their billboards so people won't get upset.

SFist saw their beloved mayor enter rehab, and they the opportunity to gossip about it. Of course, that doesn't stop local Facebook users from totally crushing on him. Meanwhile, they asked their readers which MUNI line they hated the most, and got a conclusive answer.

Phillyist loves its local Billy Bob Thornton, and cars. Also on its good side are pretty sunsets over the city. On its hate list right now, though, are law-flaunting smokers, and the hearts-and-flowers holiday itself.

Austinist is blissfully in love with the upcoming SXSW lineup, and more than a few bands playing in it. When not with their musical crushes, they're romancing giant bunnies and bloggers with a good bottle of vino. Of course, it's not all hearts and flowers for Austinist. They hate the lack of quality street food downtown. And, don't you hate it when you find glass in your soda bottles, too?

Shanghaiist positively hates that they're sinking into the ocean. And everyone seems to hate Chinese footballers. But lest you should worry that Shanghaiist is bitter, you should know how much they love sandwiches, technological innovation, and their city's top tourist destinations.

Meanwhile, Londonist doesn't hate anything. They're all about Valentine love for the guy who gives out free iPods, highly-skilled bees, being invited on private tours, their city in Lego, and giant snowmen.

Torontoist wasn't feeling as lovey-dovey as Londonist: they had plenty of hate to go around. Torontoist hates angry jewelry store owners who harass local TV celebrities,
"independent" teenaged girls, and punk kids messing with change on the subway. But they weren't without some love, for its local basketball team (whom they want them taken off notice by Stephen Colbert), and for continuing to solve the Bridezilla mystery, and for cute misspellings.

Bostonist is hating the Celtics' losing streak. But they totally love screwing around with said team's logo and the new hit song 99 luftbaloons 99 Mooninites.

LAist wasn't really about love or hate this week. They were more about the ambivalence, especially toward the Colts' reactions to that Snickers commercial and John Waters. They do, however, know where to send you if you're lookin' for love, yourself.

Seattlest totally loved this pro-breeding story, fist fights of the past and present, and ironic content matching. Of course, they kinda hate Canada (kind of) and the local buildings that everyone else seems to love.

Chicagoist gave its readers some love, and got some love from local TV. And then they got some hate on a somehow-controversial post. The honeymoon, apparently, is over.

Parisist reports that Parisians who love the NFL have options—if they are willing to watch a game that kicks off at midnight, that Parisians who love each other can leave Valentines messages on electronic traffic signs, and that Parisians who love indie bands with awesome dance numbers were able to catch OK Go! live in concert. No hate in Paris, though. It is the City of Love and all...

Compiled and edited by Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey.