We come back from Second Fake Question Time and.... WHERE'S GAVINWATCH???? Emails to the anonymous blogger/videohounds' gmail account were bouncing, their YouTubes clips were gone, and their website had crashed. What th---? It wasn't like Blogger was down, and even if it were, why would that affect the gmail and the YouTubes? , we thought. Then we went out for dinner with some friends.

Well, in the time between that and now when we're writing this post, Fog City Journal apparently ran a press release from the GavinWatchers saying the site had been hacked -- but then that press release disappeared as well. Weird! Never fear, though, the good folks at Calitics have reprinted the press release in its entirety so you can read it there.

In the press release, GavinWatch says their accounts were hacked and all their Gavin Newsom criticism deleted in one fell swoop -- maybe by Gavin's buddies at Google. Hmmmm. Can you really delete a gmail account, youtube clips, and an entire blog with hacked passwords? And how did they figure out what anonymous GavinWatch's passwords were, if no one actually knows who GavinWatch is? Is it hackers? Is it a prank? Was their password "password"? It's all very mysterious!

Okay, maybe we'll change our passwords around here too, just to be safe. And hey -- no one better touch the SFist Yvesdroppings gmail account! We live for Yvesdroppings.

Update: They're back! Oh, you wags, going with the "everything you've heard and read is NOT true and we're deeply sorry about that" apology -- we missed you! Looks like the site's moving to www.gavinwatch.com in a few days.

Thanks, commenter Ragone, for the tip! We'd love a RagoneWatch blog. (Aren't we the RagoneWatch blog?)

Picture of the GavinWatch page as stored in the Google cache. And thanks to commenter T.E. Lawrence for passing the news along!