You didn't think that our recent distractions would prevent us from forgetting about our NIMBY neighbors down by the armory, would you? In case you had forgotten, has valiantly attempted to purchase a building which has stood empty for 35 years for the purpose of making porn, much to the chagrin of their potential neighbors. Other than a few local groups planning on protesting the move today (Thursday) at noon, there isn't much news to report. Except for this one delectable quote which appeared in a article about what goes on in a porn palace. (The full story is really not safe for work. Even in San Francisco.)

The company ( recently purchased the Armory in San Francisco's Mission District. The Armory is a giant building that has sat empty for the past 35 years. Neighborhood activists have been trying to block the move. They say families live in the Mission. But, of course, families live everywhere. Others say the space should be used for affordable housing, but nobody has made a proposal on the space in years. Peter Acworth, the owner of Kink, points out that the Armory was originally a place where men were trained how to kill. What Kink plans to do there is far less obscene.

We'd probably be giving away our peacenik nature by saying that we really liked that quote. Whoops. Smart quotes, however, don't necessarily answer the big question: What is it like to live near a place where they make porn? Luckily we have an answer for that from Peter Acworth (owner of who states:

We won't have any customers... Folks will not be aware of any sex going on in the armory any more than if their neighbors were having sex.

We applaud the open and honest approach, especially from the CEO and owner of a company, but maybe in this case he could provide some different imagery because the remarks caused us to flashback to one of our first apartments with that guy upstairs who kept us awake... ugh.

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