--The Board of Supes held hearings yesterday about whether to accept the Google/Earthlink citywide wifi plans. We must confess we're still very vague on the pros and cons of the proposal (all we know is that it's free, but it'd be slow and hard to upgrade), and it sounds like the whole plan's on hold while they look into whether it would make more sense to pay some money and just build a network ourselves.

--Chris Daly's asked the city attorney's office to look into the legality of campaign finance and ethics reform in local elections. You'd think Daly didn't really like the SFSOS putting his name on a bunch of flyers with pictures of human waste products or something! Daly's calling for spending caps on independent expenditures (*cough*SFPOA*cough) and mandatory disclosure of questions and financial backing in telephone polls. It all seems sensible but we wonder if there's going to be a First Amendment problem to put it in place.

--Hey, remember all the fuss about mandatory sick leave for all employees working in the city? Well, everyone is so confused about how it's supposed to work that the Board is voting today on whether to put it on hold until June so people can figure it out.

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