First up is Menutopia. Ever want to go to a restaurant but not sure if they'd have anything you'd like? Or want to plan ahead in advance? You could go to Citysearch but we've often found Citysearch to be rather a crappy, not very user friendly site to go to. And then you have to hope the place not only has a web site but a menu on the web site. Well, it's Menutopia to the rescue. The site has menus of a lot of restaurants in the city divided by ethnic cuisine,nd type of restaurants, and neighborhood. No, not every restaurant is listed (that would be too hard to do) but we were' surprised by the amount of restaurants that were listed.

And now for something completely different, mainly something MUNI related. You know that howling, piercing banshee-like noise that comes on the N Judah or the J Church whenever somebody gets too close to the door? Well, somebody has had enough and in true internet fashion, decided to do something, about it mainly set up an online petition. Of course, there's a thousand, neigh million of these suckers from everything to the war to the cancellation of TV shows (we're still upset our petition on the canceling of MTVs "Becoming" never worked) but you never know. We do hate that sound.