The trip over didn't quite set a course for adventure, however, as several days after setting out to sea, an outbreak of the norovirus hit the boat. The norovirus is a nasty little bug that makes it so everything that goes in goes out and renders you useless. In other words, not a very nice thing to have while on a cruise. It was the norovirus that struck a few senior citizen homes a month ago and caused people to be quarantined. More than 300 people, including crewmen, were affected by the bug. We're not saying people who were sick weren’t sick, but we always wonder whenever we hear a story like this if any of those people who got sick did so because they got hit with "Stand By Me" Syndrome, you know the sudden desire to get sick upon seeing somebody else get sick.

The ship started in Ft. Lauderdale and soon after, people started getting sick. During the boat's stop at Acapulco, members of the CDC come aboard and performed what they called an "enahnced sanitation" operation. Man, there's some bathrooms in bars we'd like to see that happen to. People got better soon afterwards and when the boat berthed today, only four people were still sick.

If you want to see the boat, it's berthed at Pier 35. It'll head out tonight to continue on it's voyage to Hawaii.