There's a whole bunch of events going on today, most of which are either happening now or have already started. We would have gotten to this post earlier, but like a lot of you, SFist elected to sleep in.

Here in San Francisco, however, the big event starts a little later today, around 12. That is a rally and celebration at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. To help people get there, Caltrain is having a Freedom Train that leaves San Jose at 10 and is scheduled to get into San Francisco at 11:25. Fares will be reduced and there will be a free bus to take you from the Caltrain station to the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. The T-Third line will also be up and running with offers of a free fares and a commemorative ticket. We're sure those commemorative tickets will be showing up on eBay soon enough.

For a full list of activities, go here.

And just so you know, BART is running a normal schedules today but MUNI is operating on a Saturday schedule.