The excitement begins with a call to order! Then a roll call, an announcement of prohibition of sound producing devices, approval of minutes, and then, at long last, "communications." Communications with whom? We're not sure. Hopefully not the Romulans. You can't trust them.

Then they're going to vote on whether to release $84,833.33 for payment to various folks who've sued Muni lately. Nothing says "whoops, our bad" like payment of claims. Then they'll vote on whether to spend $282,000 on some office space. And then, when they're done spending money, they'll vote on whether the 26 line ought to be rerouted, and whether bus shelter ads should have some "do not reflect the views of Muni" disclaimers. Then they'll kick everyone out because they need to meet with their lawyers, which maybe they should've done before paying off $84,833.33 worth of claims. Ha ha ha, just kidding.

Public comment is item number 9 on the agenda -- don't forget to wear your chicken suit.