Also, I'm really, really lazy.

So, much like I did last year, I will instead offer readers a glimpse at the top ten shows currently on my TiVo Season Pass list. Please feel free to share your own Season Pass lists--or just the ten shows you make it a habit to watch--in the comments.

Let me preface this with an admittance that these ten shows don't really seem to represent what I actually love the most on TV, but such is the nature of TiVo's software. Anyone who's tried to reorganize their Season Pass list knows it can take an excrutiatingly long time to do it, so recording priorities can get a little out of whack. To wit:

1. "The Knights of Prosperity" - This ABC comedy has only aired once, and based on that single episode, I'd say it doesn't deserve to be in the top spot. It's a sort of "My Name Is Earl" in reverse, with Donal Logue leading a team of volunteer thieves with plans to rob Mick Jagger. Jagger's moments in the show were the best thing about the pilot, and he's going to be a tough character to top once his involvement with the show ends. Watch the pilot on and see what I mean.

2."30 Rock" - I've been a fan of this series from episode one, and am happy to say it's only gotten funnier since then. If you aren't watching, you should be--and you can start by watching the entire season free on!

3. "Medium" - I've limited my primetime crime procedurals to three this season. The other two are "CSI" and "Law and Order: Criminal Intent."

4. "Veronica Mars" - I was disappointed with season two--it was a confusing mess. Season three sees Veronica going to college, and the central mystery of the first half of the season involved date rape, and I think this show has had more than enough rape storylines in its three seasons on the air. Let's get back to something cheery. Like murder!