Sulky, sulky -- Gavin Newsom was sober and mad after yesterday's Board of Supervisors inaugural ceremony, which the Chronicle tactfully described as having a "tone of political contentiousness running just beneath a veneer of polite ceremony."

In reading the summary of the meeting, though, we're not seeing much of a veneer of anything -- unless Chris Daly was smiling extreeeeemely magnanimously as he went through "San Francisco's version of apartheid" (economic disparity in District 6), made the comment that "[p]ress releases alone will never lead to social change," and made fun of the mayor's program for one free day at museums once a year for families.

Sophie Maxwell, for her part, pointed out the deplorable conditions in public housing, Bevan Dufty encouraged Newsom to try and get along better with people in the future, and President Aaron Peskin said "We will lead by deeds and actions, not by hollow pronouncements and press releases."

After the meeting, Newsom (in a red tie) blamed the media for overemphasizing conflict, and also said if the board cared so much about the city, they shouldn't be so mean to him. Plus, he called Chris Daly a hater for slamming Project Homeless Connect.

The Chron said that Newsom left the meeting "miffed," and said he was "lost and befuddled by the comments." You know what'll help with that? Shot of bourbon.

Picture of Daly and Newsom at yesterday's festivities by SFist Jim Herd.