Speed kills. It's an old football saw, but it still cuts right to the heart of the matter in sorting out the detritus of last night's BCS National Championship Game: faster is better.

From Ted Ginn's kickoff sprint for a touchdown to start the game, to Florida's hyperspatial defense, to Urban Meyer's pulse rate, this night was about speed. And when the final gun sounded to end the fourth quarter, Florida proved to be the fleetest and elitist team in the land, dropping the Ohio State University like MWF 8:00 a.m. French Lit, 41-14. And it wasn't that close.

Florida came in a seven-point underdog, and after Ginn did what he does on the opening touch, it looked like things were ready for the lighter fluid in Columbus. But in the touchdown celebration after his runback, Ginn turned his ankle. He left the game later in the first quarter and didn't play again the rest of the night. Wow. Either Karma is a freakin' bee-ahtch, or we smell a Neil O'Donnell-Larry Brown, suspicious circumstances, somebody ought to look into it, rat.

Bet this guy felt pretty stupid on the bus ride home. This outfit just doesn't quite work when your team loses, ain't that right Raider Nation? Photo from Fox Sports.com.