This all happened around 11 A.M. when a guy walked up to an Alameda County sheriff's deputy who was watching over the area where arriving passengers exit and enter the baggage claim area. Apparently, the guy asked the Guard a question and then bolted up towards Terminal 2. No word on whether said question was "look, over there!" or "hey, isn't that Britney Spears?"

All flights were held as they conducted a search through the terminal and the planes. When they couldn't find the dude, they evacuated the entire airport. THE ENTIRE AIRPORT. We can't even imagine the hell that the Oakland Airport must have been like. Also, as many as fourteen inbound flights were held on the ramp and another eleven flights sat at the gate until the passengers were let back in. Around 1, the airport was reopened and by 2, cars were allowed back

What's a little bit, scary, though, is that they never found the guy. We suggest as an appropiate punishment, whenever they do catch the guy, everyone who was stuck at the airport be allowed to pummel him.

Image from our new favorite station, NBC11