But that's just us.

We were pretty excited about seeing the play at the Orpheum Theater primarily because it's the first time we've ever seen it actually produced on a stage by professionals. The only other time we've seen it performed was by some community theater group that did it at a church to commemorate Easter and some theater troupe in the city here that had a tradition of performing it at the late and lamented Paradise Lounge. But this was the first time we'd see it with a full on orchestra and props and actual real-life professional actors. And not just any actors, but Ted Neely who played Jesus in the movie and on stage (but not on the original soundtrack, which, as we all know, was played by Ian Gillian who later was the lead singer of Deep Purple). The play also featured Corey Glover of Living Colour (the band, not the TV show) in the meaty role of Judas. How could it not miss? We were so there.