Asia Galleries
1534 Grant Ave., San Francisco
The store opens at 11AM Wednesday through Sunday and after that who knows...

We can't stop going to this Asian antiques store at the foot of Coit tower. We've already spent 24 hours and $1400 at Asia Galleries since we stumbled upon this maze of antique furniture, ancient scrolls and red lacquered dishes last Sunday, and as the red head said while she was paying at the cashier:

"This sale is even better than the dream I had last night."

Rhett, the owner/world adventurer closes his store and takes off to live the life he loves best: see the sun rise in Kyoto and smuggle himself into Burma on a mafia owned moped. His last name could well be Butler with all that swagger.

So in the meantime we are stuck in the store ogling the Meiji Period Tansus or clothing chests, the testicular woodcarving and the Vietnamese Buddha statues as other lucky shoppers buy them.

We've blown our allowance, but come spend yours, everything is half off and well
below market. The other customers in the store can attest to it: most of them are antique dealers.