The crosses have been a source of controversy since they were put up months ago. Despite it being said to be "in memory" of all the troops killed in the war, it's seen by many as "not supporting the troops" and thus anti-war. Probably because it's usually done by people who are against the war. Or sometimes it just is what it is-- remember when Ted Koppel wanted to read off all the names of people who were killed and it was a huge controversy? Of course, since every Star Belly Sneetch has to have a Plain Belly Sneetch to go with it, the plain belly Sneetches display the American flag everywhere. This is considered a way of supporting the troops. In Central Pennsylvania, and we're guessing other places in the country too, it is also mandatory to hang a flag in honor of Dale Earnhardt right beneath it.

Where were we?

Oh yeah. The crosses have been a center of controversy and were the cause of a long and often violatile town meeting several weeks ago to decide what to do with it. So far, nothing has been done about it because we're guessing the political leaders are too scared to make a decision (and who would blame them, actually). Instead, they're just worrying about regulations and codes and what not, a way to appear concerned without actually doing anything that would piss anybody off.

Us? We think it's just one more sign that the islamo-facists are about to take over.