Yeah, we know, we're stuck here at SFist fetishizing weirdo wonks like Gavin Newsom and Ross Mirkarimi because we don't have any actual celebrities in town that we can follow around and talk about. Well, it's not always true! Drew Altizer sends along some pictures he took at the GlobalGreen USA fundraiser benefit ("Gorgeous and Green: An Ecofabulous Party"), whose board has enough celebrities that they were willing to fly a couple of them up for the night to dazzle us in this here little small town.

According to society scribe Catherine Bigelow (who's BLOGGING!!! now -- yay!), Orlando Bloom gave a very moving keynote address about saving power in small ways (unplugging your cell phone charger, for instance).

And -- for those of you who prefer the provincial nature of our Swells celebrity set to the big-time glam of Hollywood, fret not: your usual C-Big crowd was there as well: Summer Tompkins Walker, Vanessa Getty, and Mayor G-New himself. No word on whether Vanessa Getty spoke to Gavin or not. (We're guessing not.) And no word on whether Gavin was wearing his blue tie or not. (We're guessing he did.)

More pictures of celebrities after the jump.

Event organizer Zem Joaquin with Salma Hayek, courtesy of Drew Altizer. You rock, Drew.