Ques-tion TIME! Ques-tion TIME!

Wow, Gavin doesn't want to take your questions -- he won't even take live questions on this morning's Energy 92.7 commute-time show. (We tried listening to the .mp3s of Gavin's interview, but we had to stop listening when he started whining (.mp3) about how everyone was asking him about the 20-year-old girlfriend "that I never even kissed.") Poor Chris Daly, dialing up the station, only to get a busy signal. "All I wanted to do was request that dance remix of Christina Aguilera's 'Ain't No Other Man,' honest!"

While Chris Daly disconsolately settled for the Scissor Sisters on his dance radio dial, he and the rest of the Board of Supes got down to Question Time business last night. Sadly, they tabled the proposal to hold a board meeting at Newsom's January 13 "neighborhood meeting," and now we're back to just listing Newsom as "absent" on the Board of Supes agenda.

Picture by Chris Gramly. Send your Gavin pics on in, or tag 'em SFist on Flickr!