Do you have some answer that has eluded you for an annoying amount of time?

Do you feel that you need some sort of advice?

Do you need help with something?

Would you like to know what to do?

Hey, we can answer that! We are pro-feshh-ohn-alls! Ask us!

Email your question to [email protected].

Include your question, your name, and your city/neighborhood – just like when you were filling out your craigslist Missed Connections post.

Your questions will likely be editing for brevity and gremmmarses. Jerks may be taunted publicly.

The resulting answers to your questions are not guaranteed to do anything or be anything and should not be read at all. You can't sue us. We are untouchable.

But this will rock, and we love you. So, ask away!

We'll solicit y'all for even more questions on Monday, and then we'll have a full-on SFist Answers for you on Wednesday. It'll be fun, right?

Guess we'll answer that for you then.