The BoS Rules Committee has placed an item on the agenda (item 2) for next week's board meeting, for a motion to convene a special board meeting on.... Saturday January 13, 2007 at 10 a.m. at the Richmond Recreation Center, 251 18th Ave. (between Clement and Geary). Why, what's happening there then?

If the motion's granted, it would require all board members to attend Gavin's community meeting, that all the procedures of board meetings be followed, and that the meeting be broadcast on SFGTV.

The board will introduce the motion on Tuesday and vote on it next Thursday. Gavin -- your move.

Stomp it out along with us: Ques-tion TIME! Ques-tion TIME! Ques-tion TIME! Ques-tion TIME!

Picture by Adam Aufdencamp (from the same event as the previous Question Time post, so no special significance in the reappearance of the blue tie.) And big thanks to the tipster who pointed this out to us!